Are you ready and willing to stop suffering or fighting reality in your life?

It’s time for you to take the “blindfold” off and start creating the life you want based on consciousness. This blindfold represents all the cultural conditioning we grew up with, including all its limitations in the way of beliefs and behaviours. But you know what? There comes a time in our lives when we become overwhelmed with suffering, not living a full life, feeling stuck in a victim or an eternal warrior role (I have news for you: the warrior is the victim’s cousin), and we feel powerless in the face of situations and challenges the Universe has put in front of us such as fragile health, difficult relationships, lack of financial resources, deep childhood wounds or just a lack of direction and purpose in our path.

In Miracle Mindset Academy you will discover a new way of living, where you can learn to generate miracles in your life and transcend your pain from the power within. This power arises from your thoughts, where you are the sole one in charge!!

It does not matter what you want to transcend or heal; it can be a painful past, a love break-up, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, or simply connecting with yourself and your life purpose. Our mental and emotional health is as important as our physical health so as to work from our highest SELF. When we understand that our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world, we realise that we are direct makers of our reality.

This I know because I believed for many years that I was not meant to be happy and life was simply a vale of tears or an uphill road I was exhausted from walking. I tried everything, from therapies, retreats, and seminars to support groups, but I still felt prey to a mental programming that would not let me see beyond, to grow and much less to be happy, which is all I wished since little. I finally immersed myself in a deep journey to develop my consciousness, in which the first step was to unlearn everything I thought I knew through a mental cleansing. I then had to fill my mind with new information that I could verify would result in inner peace, love for myself and my fellow human beings, and of course, what I wanted most: to experience conscious, real and sustainable happiness; to reprogram my mind and train myself every day. You see, having a Miracle Mindset is a lifestyle where we choose miracles to be manifested every day.

You can keep trying other methods; either you can go slowly in your growth, or you can make a commitment now to transform your life as hundreds of women, who at one time were where you are today. If you are ready…

WELCOME and get ready for a life full of miracles!





Acerca de mí

Hello, I am Adriana Méndez-Snowden. The Universe granted me a few years ago the miracle of understanding my life purpose, which is helping other women to raise their consciousness. Since then, I am committed to sowing spiritual seeds such as acceptance, surrendering, responsibility, commitment, love, forgiveness and deep gratitude so that they can manifest, as I do, all the miracles they desire in their lives.

This Miracle Mindset has not only allowed me to overcome addictions, losses, and heal emotional wounds but it has also taught me to miraculously transcend pain, to experience a conscious happiness and inner peace that I have longed for since childhood. Now I want to share it with you. I made the decision of fulfilling my purpose and mission through giving conferences around the world, writing books, and being the creator and mentor of the Miracle Mindset™ Programme, a methodology that guides women who are stuck in an undeserving, self-sabotaging, victim mindset that unconsciously undermines success and happiness in different areas of their lives.

I am proudly Mexican, living in England for some years now with my little family. I love being a mum, travelling, reading, dancing, eating, laughing, and making tortillas.

Author of “Happiness Through Resilience”, “Mujer Onírica, antes y después”, and “My Miracle Journal”, and Co-author of “Today Inspired Latina”, volume VI, European Edition.

As a speaker, I have taken part in the Seminario Hispanas Emprendedoras 2017 in Amsterdam, Steel Minds in Liverpool 2017, Mujeres Empresarias Canaco Puerto Vallarta 2018, Emigrar Y Emprender es Posible 2018 in Barcelona, Belgium in 2019 as well as local events. I am a volunteer in LOANI (global non-profit organisation) representing Mexico.

I am a certified Ontological Coach, Mindfulness practitioner , Level 1 of the Points of You Coaching tool, and an eternal student of philosophy, metaphysics and everything that contributes to my spiritual growth.

Get my journal “My Miracle Journal”

This journal is an excellent tool to start a self-awareness process since keeping a diary is one of the experts’ recommendations in order to start “noting”, “paying attention”, and BECOMING AWARE of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

You will find the 10 mainstays that support the Miracle Mindset. They will guide you, one by one, in your awakening.

“My Miracle Journal” was conceived in times of pandemic in response to the need of having a tangible tool to keep us company in such challenging times and to bring together our feelings, our progress and our miracles day by day. More than a diary, My Miracle Journal is a workbook. Furthermore, the cover was designed by Erika Place, a Mexican artist based in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with MDM.

“This is the best diary I have ever bought! I got others before and, unlike this one, most of them are just blank pages. I knew it was special from the moment I opened it. I felt an energy of miracles. As I started flipping through it, every page contained beautiful guides for you to create whatever you want with the Miracle Mindset. It even includes information so you can visualise what you want to manifest.”

Lady Laura

“I love it! It allows me to easily perform and visualise my daily practices to keep my vital energy.”

Max Martins


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    The Miracle Mindset methodology is based on consciousness development, in which we also offer 1-1 mentoring, including courses that can be suggested after a first exploratory session, if necessary.

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    “My Miracle Journal”

    $ 19.99

    This diary is an excellent tool to start a process of self-awareness since keeping a diary is one of the recommendations of the experts to begin to "realize" "pay attention" MAKING US CONSCIOUS of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

    Join my private Club Mujeres Milagro 2021

    A membership of spiritual growth and development of consciousness to transform and maintain the frequency of miracles month after month.


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    Be part of the great Miracle Mentality community, more than 1000 women tuning into a single frequency, that of learning to manifest miracles.


    I thought my destiny was the life I had created for myself, but, fortunately, circumstances place people and things at the right time. I highly recommend her, she is the best Coach. I am at my best and Adriana helped me work on discovering myself.

    Nataly López

    I was lucky to take the Learning to Let Go workshop and I loved it. I learned very useful tools to let go of situations that will help me throughout my life. In addition to the warmth and sincerity with which Adriana approaches the topics, I feel grateful to have taken the workshop.

    Tere Ocañas

    With a tremendous and inspiring way of empowering, Adriana brings a way of thinking how to live according to our thoughts. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to create a better version of themselves.

    Luis Ayala

    ¿Where to start? Simply put, Adriana possesses a clarity and understanding of life that is truly contagious. Her coaching sessions provide all the tools necessary for her clients to embark on a self-discovery journey. From simple techniques to correct the way we think and perceive to realising and appreciating all that we have, Adriana motivates you to be the best version of yourself for the world.

    Garret Kellet

    "Before learning about Miracle Mindset, I used to suffer, feeling victimized and anxious until I learned about this method through the Facebook group. I have now learned to live in gratitude for everything I have. Thanks to the first course I took with her for 5 days, "Abundance through gratitude", Adriana's daily feedback was very important, and that course changed my life. I then took the ''Learn to be Happy'' course, which was also very enriching. I highly recommend Miracle Mindset; it transforms your mindset and your life.

    Marichela Flores

    I consider that coincidences in life are actually coincidences in God's time, i.e. my "Goddences"... and Adri, the gratitude challenge and her coaching with the Points of You programme at this time in my life are all these. Through the gratitude challenge, I have proven that magic and miracles do exist. From gratitude always, and the tools that Points of You have given me, I will go on to a fulfilling and happy life, full of peace and miracles. I am deeply grateful for everything and for all the blessings, dear Adri.

    Martha E Mauri