Let's work together

Creating miracles together

Something magical happens when you are ready to receive clarity in your life.

I share you without presumption, I am very good as a coach and mentor, in addition to life experiences and studies, God granted me some gifts such as acute intuition, empathy, words and a deep love for my fellow men.

I get results for my clients because their results are MY results. I care about them and my methods will always lead them to be happier, because I focus on sharing the tools to generate conscious and lasting happiness.

However, I can only do this because they are ready, they have had enough, and the pain of doing nothing is greater than doing the work to change.

The keyword: WANT, ready, and committed. When this happens… miracles happen. The universe opens the door to all possibilities. The Universe begins to show you all the answers that you are looking for because you realized that you are one with the universe, so the answers have always been there, within them.

Magic happens when… you give up and seek help, whatever it is, because that means you are willing to do whatever it takes. What is necessary to get in tune with the life you have always wanted.

So yes, I am an excellent life Mentor, but the power is absolutely yours!


*Duration: 60 minutes
*Online (Zoom, faceTime, Whatsapp, etc)
*Exercises agreed by both parties.


*Duration: 60 minutos
*online (Zoom, faceTime, Whatsapp, etc)
*Exercises agreed by both parties.

Mentoring, courses, workshops and conferences

As part of my life mission, I share the method and tools that, in addition to transforming my life, have transformed that of many women around the world, through creative dynamics, through interactive workshops using the Points of You tool, that uses phototherapy to generate new perspectives, international conferences on personal development both in massive events or in smaller groups and specific courses, all focused on the integral well-being of the individual or organization.