Miracle Mindset & WFPB Nutrition

Miracle Mindset & WFPB Nutrition

Miracle Mindset WFPB Nutrition, Liverpool

Liverpool, England

After moving from México to Liverpool (where my husband Scott was born) 4 years ago, we experienced the most wonderful shifts in mind, body & spirit. Some of which weren’t easy, even painful at times. However we had the biggest breakthroughs that lead us to live a life filled with purpose, happiness and Miracles.
After a lot of trial and error, we found a way to complete health and inner peace and we would love to share it with you ! There’s more to life than what most of you are currently experiencing.
We truly believe that our energy is our most valuable currency and if used in the right way, your life can change for the better forever .
We are also excited to have a special guest joining us , Barbara Mc Caffrey, she is a Dr Vodder Fully Qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.

Barbara will talk on the workings and importance of the Lymphatic System and why we retain excess Lymphatic fluid (water). Manual Lymphatic Drainage eliminates this excess fluid.

And, there’s more !
*High Vibrational Art by local artist Gill Fell
*Book signing
* Live Music 🎶
Come along with your partner or friends for a lovely night, a few talks , music, Prosecco and nibbles .
A self development evening in a fun way at a lovely venue .

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