I hear you every day

I hear you every day

I can listen to how much you are in distress
How high your anxiety levels are

How fast your heart is beating
Trying to cope to get through the day with the pills you are taking.

You are young and beautiful but life feels so heavy, how did you get there?

You have done nothing wrong my darling, life can be overwhelming and confusing, and daunting and scary.

It’s not your fault, our souls seem to be so fragile, so vulnerable and the news are not uplifting.

We should not die of slow death, we should not have to make an effort to survive, we should all be healthy and happy, not to dread the day with uncertainty, worrying about what the next hour would bring for us.

But my darling, please know this is not the end, while still alive there’s hope.
While there’s faith, there’s away.
And just for today, surrender to love, surrender to a higher power, let go of the need to know, the need to control, simply just let go, let God.
Just for today let the divine guidance and light surround you and show you the miracles within.

My darling, you don’t have to live like this, I see you. I hear you and I feel your pain, you remind me of myself, once upon a time when I could not take it anymore – but I did – I survived and found the peace in my path and I can see you too can find the light.
Don’t despair, don’t give up, just surrender and turn your troubles to God.

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