Going with the flow

Going with the flow

I talk & write about going with the flow very often, but it was only recently that I actually allow my self to do that.

Since I decided to pursue my mission and fulfil my purpose by becoming a life coach, speaker & writer, I haven’t stop studying, going to seminars, hiring coaches & mentors, buying courses, and basically putting so much pressure on my self , hurry! hurry!
*because I thought I was behind, behind who? Who was I comparing my self ?
*because I ‘bought’ into this wonder woman can do it all, multitask and must excel at everything , God help me if I didn’t.
*because I follow the advice of people that I wasn’t aligned with their values , but thinking …they know best.
*because I fall into the “should ”
{I should be doing this, doing that}
Because I’m hungry !
Of knowledge and wisdom
Of giving and creating a big impact in the world
Of assurance that I’m in the right path

I forgot that I don’t have to this
I don’t need to do this
I Get to do this

I want to and I will…

*at my own pace & rhythm
*Being 100% sure it feels good in my heart
*knowing I answer to myself and my purpose , no one else, because I choose to LEAD my own life
*letting go of the outcome and trust the process

Going with the flow means, not rushing things, forcing situations, dropping any resistance, accepting & even embrace whatever changes or circumstances I might face along the way , be only where I’m wanted.
Follow the universe plan that has been long written for me.
Keeping creating the bliss & happiness trough gratitud every single day

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