Adriana Méndez Snowden is a transformational leader, she fulfills her purpose as a Miracle Mindset Mentor through her talks around the world, her books such as “Happiness through Resilience”, a topic she is passionate about because she considers it vital to achieve success in any field, this is preceded by her book of poems “Mujer Onírica” the first edition and now “Mujer Onírica, the before and after”, which reflects the internal transformation of the author, 20 years later. She also Co-authored Today’s Inspired Latina Vol. VI.

Her mission is to help women and men to activate miracles in their life through one to one consultancies, online seminars, books, and transformational retreats internationally.

Not only is she committed to her purpose from her development and education by studying NLP, Mindfulness, Belief Clearing, Law of Attraction, investing thousands of dollars, time and energy in seminars, courses, qualifications, Mentoring, and Coaches so she can have a box full of tools to help anyone, but also from overcoming adversity throughout her life, success for her is to live life on your own terms, a full and happy life, achieving a conscious alignment with the Universe.

Originally from Puerto Vallarta Mexico, where she lived most of her life, until recently, she moved to England, with her husband and little son, although a difficult change, has driven and motivated her even more to follow her dreams.

 In November 2017, she participated as one of the speakers of the 3rd Hispanic Entrepreneurship Seminar, in Amsterdam, with the theme “Success through Resilience”.

On January 15th of the same year, she participated in the city of Liverpool, England, as a speaker, being fully bilingual has being a tremendous advantage.

On 2017 she was chosen as an International Ambassador representing Mexico for her positive impact in woman, by LOANI GLOBAL, which by its acronym means Ladies of All Nations, non-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping the less privileged around the world, organisation where also she is part of the support team for survivors of violence, religious persecution, diseases, sexual abuse, addictions, among others. She now will continue with the organization as an online webinar manager, providing by-weekly webinars for a global audience where she will be delivering topics of personal and spiritual development.

In August of 2018, she ran day transformational retreat in Puerto Vallarta México in a beautiful beachfront villa, called “Recover your wings” where included Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness exorcises, Law Of Attraction talk, gratitude practices, Tantric dance of the feminine power and a beautiful chakra guided meditation to cut energetic cords.

That month as well, also in Puerto Vallarta, delivered a talk for 150 local women called “Conscious and Sustainable Success”

Currently, Adriana is developing her new program called Miracle Women, built on the belief, that everything we desire, is possible. Coming soon!

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