“Meant to be happy”
Happines cheerful perforated paper smiley face

“Meant to be happy”

I was born to be happy
I know that now
for many years I filtered my identity through a painful experience in my childhood.

That experience created a belief that I was meant & destined to be sad & unhappy, forever…
not worthy of happiness and greatness
bad things happened, I got hurt, abandoned and I lost my way.

However, deep down I kept on believing …
in goodness
in compassion
in empathy
in forgiveness

I tried my best to be
a loser
a misfit
a rebel
a good for nothing

My behavior was so destructive
that I was on a mission to waste my life while I still had it.
After blessings and miracles sent my way a number of times despite my efforts to ignore them, I finally understood…
I was meant to be happy
my wings weren’t broken , just bent
I didn’t have to become a different person, I just have to let through the one I was before, before the fall.

The happiness you seek is right there, you are the happiness, you are the energy, you are the power, you are the maker & the receiver.
You are meant to be happy since the day you were born, don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you

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Adriana Méndez Snowden