Are you willing to pay the price?

Are you willing to pay the price?

“Adriana, there’s always a price to pay, whether you decide to shine and be successful or not, you need to decide which one you want to pay”

That’s what my former therapist told me in one of our sessions, I thought I understood what she was saying… its kind of obvious, although back then I still wasn’t fully aware of my true purpose.

Its only until now that I get it, the price that I am paying it feels sometimes a bit high, to have to leave your comfort zone, and everything you love behind, have to reinvent your self out of survival. I only had two choices, to open my wings and fly, or to die of a broken heart. And I chose.

I choose consciously to not survive but to thrive to not duel but to act to not regret but to find the signs to test my resilience even when I just wanted to run, hide and give up.

I chose to fly over new skies building a new life little by little creating this reality that I wanted so much

Yes, I am paying a price and I hurt sometimes, I let the tears flow and wash away my sadness as I watch the rain pouring down. But when you have the certainty that this, all of it was meant to be and that with the price there are rewards and the fact that thanks to this changes, I found my self… finally…I am no longer in the dark…

I know what I came here to do on earth, in this ONE life! Being in the moment aware present AWAKE I am happy to pay the price, knowing I chose, I have that power, and that makes me feel successful following my endeavors from a place of

awareness, love, service, and embracement. I chose to recover my wings and fly.

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