A message to women
Rear view of a group of diverse woman friends walking together

A message to women

Is never to late and is always the perfect time TO BUILD YOUR DREAMS AND FOCUS ON YOUR SELF.

As woman, we have to fulfill a role and I am not talking about the society one. We have by nature inprinted in us to nurture others. So wether we planned it that way or not, we ended up in many cases putting everyone before us and froto to actual to pursue our life purpose and mission.

But do we all have one? Yes, does it have to be grandious ? No, is what makes you happy and fullfiled.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I had a mission but didn’t know what that was. As I experienced pain and sadness along the way I found my self in a dark place for many years.
However, I have always known that I wanted to be a mother and thought maybe that is my purpose, to be the best mom I could be so I could raise a decent indi-vidual who can positively contribute to the world.

But the thruth is that after I became a mother and was inmensely happy, I still felt the same void I did years ago….there was something more that I was meant to do and to be, that being a mother and wife was only a healthy foundation to even thrive more and be more passionate about life, and that as woman we don’t have to necessarily choose one or another, because we have the human capaci-ty and natural inner strenght to achieve anything we want but sadly we have been told differently and we believed it.

Until we rebelled and hear about feminism and equal rights and empowerment and warrior thinking. And all of the sudden we are re- living collectively our gender suffering througout past centuries.

After more years of self discovery and learning also through observing others I came to the conclusion that trying to be like man was not only useless but det-rimental to our social environment and future generations, that we don’t need to prove anything, we just need to create a new belief. The belief that we are al-ready powerful, we are born that way and by using all our feminin capital will truly allow us to flow into our devine purpose on earth, whatever this may be. That vulnerability, sensitivism, cyclic and all those beautiful words that describe us, is all we need to have it all, to follow and build our dreams and that is never to late to focus in ourseves embracing all that we are, because we are extraordi-nary when we love, accept and believe in ourselves.

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